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Do I need to upload external links?

We use external links as part of our Internal Authority Score (IAS) algorithm, which makes it important to upload your external links to Twylu. Having this will also help with unearthing more internal linking opportunities from strong pages.

How to upload external links?

We need the following information when it comes to using external links within Twylu.

  • URLs
  • Number of links by URL
  • Number of referring domains by URL

Twlyu is currently set up to use aHrefs and Majestic exports, alternatively you would need to download our template CSV and upload the information from your chosen link tool.

Within Twylu, there are two places to upload your external links. 

  • Firstly, you can upload your external links during the project setup phase. 
  • Secondly, you can upload your external links on the project overview page for each project. 

Using aHrefs

To get your links from aHrefs, you need to follow the process outlined below:

  1. Login to ahrefs
  2. Enter your domain into the explorer bar to give you an overview of domain performance
  3. Head down to the Pages > Best by Links
  4. Export this as a CSV 
  5. Upload directly to Twylu

Using Majestic

Using the template CSV

Download the CSV template file from the tool or here and open the file on your machine and following this process:

  1. In the column A underneath the header URL, paste all of the URLs that has external links.
  2. In column B underneath the header links, place the number of external links that the URL in column A has.
  3. In column C underneath the header referring domains, place the total number of referring domains that point to the URL in column A
  4. Save the file as a CSV
  5. Upload the CSV to Twylu either during the project setup or via the project overview page.

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