Task Management

To make Twylu even more actionable, you can now add tasks from most areas of the tool, straight to the Tasks feature. These can then be carried out by yourself or assigned to your team members. 

Tasks Feature
Add Tasks

Add tasks from almost anywhere

Opportunities for internal linking can be found in various ways on Twylu. The main two ways are both on the Optimize page within the tool. Here you can find internal linking opportunities using Google Search Console data, or by using your own custom terms.

Don’t miss out on new internal link opportunities

Add new internal linking opportunities straight from the Optimize area of Twylu. Make sure these new internal links are added by tracking progress in the Tasks feature.

Add Internal Linking Tasks
Tasks Feature

Manage all tasks within the Tasks feature

Assign tasks, change status, track changes, filter tasks and more, all in one place.

Minimize mistakes and missed opportunities

We’re all human and people make mistakes. A typo, a link not added correctly etc. However, once a task is set to Complete, Twylu will automatically re-crawl the relevant pages and check that everything has been implemented correctly.

Complete Task


Level up your internal linking with Twylu! 


Can I test Twylu?

Each account gets 100 URL credits to enable you to try the tool before you purchase.

I'm not technical - will I be able to use it?

Yes – there maybe a requirement for technical knowledge to get started if Twylu is unable to identify your header and footer from the code. We have provided video instruction if you need it. 

Do I need to sign a long term contract?

Nope. We charge you monthly until you decide to cancel.

What type of payments do you accept?

We use Stripe for payments and accept most credit and debit cards.

Can I change my plan at anytime?

Absolutely. We have 4 separate plans for you to utilise, and a custom package can be created based on your needs.

Can I cancel?

Of course, you just need to cancel your subscription within your profile.

How do the pricing plans differ?

We have 4 levels of pricing and these range from $29 per month to $149 per month. If you need more URL credits, please contact us about a custom plan.

What is the Internal Authority Score (IAS)?

Our own internal linking scoring based on various internal linking factors.

How long does it take Twylu to crawl my website

This is dependent on the size of the website in question, but it will take longer than the normal crawler.

The reason behind this is we need to crawl the site to gather the URLs, and then we process the HTML that enables us to provide you with the automated recommendation. 

Do I need to connect Google Search Console?

You don’t have to, but it will mean that you won’t get automated recommendations.

During the setup phase we suggest you connect GSC so that once the crawl has completed you will see opportunities throughout your project.

If you decide not to and in GSC (you can attach later), you will need to use the manual keyword insertion feature by selecting each URL and applying your primary and secondary term at a page level.

My links are not uploading?

We have setup Twylu to use Ahrefs and Majestic direct uploads, otherwise you will need to use the provided template.

Insert Domain > Best links by Top Pages > Download as CSV > Upload to Twylu

Manual file:

Download template during the setup process or from the project overview.

In the URL column add all URLs that have links.

In the Backlinks column add in the combined number of backlinks for that URL.

In the Referring Domains columm add in the combined number of referring domains for that URL.

Then upload.


Why do I need Twlyu?

Twylu has been designed to solve one specific problem – internal linking.

We know how important internal linking is and how long it takes gathering data, analysing and implementing so we set out to improve that process. 

What user agent do you use?

Our user agent strings vary from domain to domain and request to request in order to get the best success rate, so unfortunately we can’t give you one to whitelist.