Internal Authority Score (IAS)

Internal Linking Authority, also know as IAS, is Twylu’s own scoring system for judging the quality of a page based on its internal linking profile.¬†

Internal Authority Score


IAS looks at 5 main on-site factors when scoring a page’s internal linking authority.

Number of internal links

This calculation looks at the number of internal links to a page, taking into account the number of internal pages across the whole site.

Crawl depth

How deep in the site’s structure does the page sit? In other words, how many clicks does it take to get there?


How many times does the page link out (internally and externally), in comparison with the amount of content on the page?

Page in Main Nav?

Does this page exist in the main navigation?

Referring Domains to Linking Pages

Of the pages that link internally to this page, do any of them have referring domains pointing to them and how many?

Anchor Text Usage

Looking at all of the internal links to this page, what is the anchor text distribution like? How many target keywords vs miscellaneous anchors etc?



All of the above factors are scored in different ways and given different weights to the final score.